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Kinfolk, since its inception in 2008, has been a collaborative experiment enabling people from all walks of life to converge in an inclusive space, helping to facilitate something exceptionally significant & inspiring. Whether it is a volunteer sharing their time & energy, a staff member’s skill set or a customer’s trust & support in our unique business model, we are indebted to our local community for investing these diverse gifts.

Each year, hundreds of individuals participate in Kinfolk’s volunteer program, in the process building confidence, skills and kinship. The growth of Kinfolk as a business is not only testament to our volunteer communities’ generous contributions of time, love & labour, but it has been their motivations & needs which has distinctly defined the development and expansion of our business. Their values underpin our menu design, our resources & training systems reflect diverse abilities & and our expansion into new suburbs & areas of business reflect the growing demand for our unique place making program.

Crucial to any business’ success, but undeniably Kinfolk’s, is its customers. Developing Kinfolk’s unique business model during the last 9 years has required incredible trust and support from the companies and individuals who buy from us. Our customers trust that, uncompromised by our divergent business model, our coffee & food not only holds its own with the best of Melbourne but is bettered by it. And in supporting and patronising our business, Kinfolk customers have helped to create a platform that champions inclusive community - providing training & capacity building opportunities for people facing social isolation. As a result of their patronage, Kinfolk has been able to donate more than $200,000 of profit to our charity partners, currently The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and The Cathy Freeman Foundation, not-for-profits with shared values & demonstrated success in creating social inclusivity & equality.

Since 2010 our community has worked tirelessly to grow our cafe, catering and events business for the purpose of creating & scaling positive social impact.

With this hard work in context, we are thrilled to reveal that Kinfolk is the recipient of not only Melbourne Business Network's Business 3000+ Award for Social Enterprise but also the top prize, the Business 3000+ Business of the Year Award.

What a better opportunity to thanks all those that have supported Kinfolk on this journey. We are confident to say that the experiment that Kinfolk set out to explore 9 years ago has surpassed our wildest dreams & ambitions.

So now, we celebrate! If you’ve followed our socials you might know that we are in the business of hosting great parties & celebrations with a social impact. If you're already considering your end of year shenanigans, or looking to host a winter xmas in July, we'd love to workshop ideas with you and walk you through our offerings. With a diversity of packages, venues, bar offerings & menus, we’re well and truly ready to celebrate this incredible acknowledgement of Kinfolk’s success.

Start a conversation about your next event here, or visit our cafe and event venues yourself - Sibling & Kinfolk.

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