HUMANITIX - Booking Fees Are Not a Necessary Evil

Kinfolk has been added to the list of charities you can support through the new charitable ticketing platform, Humanitix.

Our recent fundraising event was a great success and we were proud to exceed our overall goal of $30,000 to build a new catering and training kitchen. Through Humanitix booking fee donations, we raised an additional $130 towards our goal.

Humanitix is a not-for-profit ticketing platform which gives 100% of profit (currently 30% of fees) to charity. When setting up your ticket site, you are able to choose a charity for your booking fees to be donated to. Booking fees are often an unpleasant surprise for guests, venues and event organisers. Now that tickets are mostly online, the need for booking fees has lessened but there hasn't been a big change in the way they work. With this small change towards a charitable model, the booking process is transformed for everyone.

By choosing a charity to support through your booking fee, you can spread awareness for a cause in a subtle but meaningful way. It democratises the giving process by allowing the event holder to add a partner charity to a regular event.

If you're wondering which charity to choose, The Humanitix team is available to help event organisers find an organisation that resonates best with their particular event. We spoke to the Co-founder of Humanitix, Josh Ross, who says “the industry is worth billions of dollars and there has never been a big shift before.”

He was able to connect a female networking society event with a women’s shelter to support with their booking fees. The attendees of the event were so impressed by the charity that they were compelled to bring along donations of food and clothing to the event.

We are so pleased to become one of the charities you can select to benefit from Humanitix booking fees. As Josh says, “Kinfolk and Humanitix are both disrupting traditional enterprise through a charitable model. This is a no brainer – we have a similar core philosophy.”

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