FUNDRAISER - Italian Winter Feast at Kinfolk

Kinfolk is developing a catering and training facility to support more volunteers experiencing challenging circumstances. To make it a reality, we need to raise 30,000.

Every day, Kinfolk enables our volunteers to gain employment skills, confidence and training to overcome personal challenges.

Through our inclusive and capacity building program we have supported those facing long-term unemployment, men transitioning from prison and people living with disability, mental health or other personal challenges. We are very proud to have had some great success stories over the last 12 months. We provided training for 57 people who were challenged in the employment markets when they attended their first induction here. Now, 26 of those 57 volunteers have gained employment and 11 of them have found ongoing work with us.

A significant amount of kitchen equipment has generously been donated already and we are all extremely excited about beginning this next phase.

Come to our Italian Winter Feast to help raise funds while having a gorgeous meal.

You can also visit our donations page to make a donation.

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