INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY - Celebrating Women in Social Enterprise

We don't have to look far to find women doing good.

Donkey Wheel House is made up of a community of people from diverse genders, ages, abilities and backgrounds. We are surrounded by female individuals who are running the show at HRAFF, volunteering their precious time, helping Kinfolk volunteers feel accepted, selling copies of The Big Issue and doing TED talks.

As a part of this community, it's important to connect with other social organisations and create a stronger demand for ethical business. We donate 100% of our profits to our two charity partners every year, but the work we do every day is just as important. Our biggest impact is in supporting Kinfolk's innovative volunteer program and conducting our business with a strong foundation of ethical principles.

We are proud to source a number of our products and services from women-led social businesses. To celebrate International Women's Day today, we are featuring two of our wonderful suppliers.


Custom stationary made with care for the environment - plus, 50% of their profits go towards leadership programs for girls. It's a lot of fun working with our clients to bring their creative vision to life with these gorgeous ethical booklets.

Citizen Cacao

Handmade, raw, vegan treats - decadent but makes you feel good inside! Founder, Georgie Castle, is a shiny beam of light when she comes to deliver her truffles and slices. We love serving these up at events and watching people devour them.

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