PURPOSE DRIVEN BUSINESS - Balancing Profit and Purpose at the Small Business Festival Victoria

Donkey Wheel House is a community of Melbourne's big-thinkers, go-getters and change makers - so when everyone puts their heads together, good things are bound to happen. The Small Business Festival Victoria has concluded for 2016! During the festival, the Donkey Wheel House crew got together to present a session on purpose driven business. Each of the tenants in the building have insights to share on the theme of profit vs. purpose. The School of Life, Ethical Property, Children's Ground, Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, The Big Issue, Kinfolk and The Difference Incubator each provided one representative who spoke on their chosen topics - from managing workplace culture to communicating impact.

If you missed the session, you can revisit some of the best moments below. The audience had some thoughtful questions which drew out some of the best information from the panelists.

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