TDi TWO FEET PROGRAM - Giving Social Enterprise Startups a Leg Up

We are really excited to see the list of social enterprises participating in TDi's Two Feet program. We love to build more inclusive communities, and it looks like there are a few organisations who share these values. Building communities around fresh local produce and cycling is a theme we can definitely relate to. There is also a great selection of organisations who are working on inclusive programs for people of different age groups from kids to older Australians.

Here is the full list of organisations who are involved:

Circular Food: Helping professional and urban farmers produce better tasting, higher quality and more profitable products by improving the health of our soils.

Social Cycles: Making tourism responsible using cycling and experiential learning to connect communities.

m.a.d. woman: Encouraging, inspiring and enabling people to make a positive difference in the environment, community and to the lives of those who need support.

Food Workshop: Providing fresh, healthy and delicious lunches for kids whilst donating lunches to Aussie kids in need.

PASCOP: Ensuring that all older Australians have access to high quality pastoral and spiritual care.

The Well School: Developing thriving wellness communities on a global level in health care, education and local communities.

The Field Trip: Giving kids the connections and confidence to make their mark on the world and create a unique positive legacy.

Alex Drew: Creating a health business targeted specifically to men.

For more information about the Two Feet program, and to register your interest get in touch with TDi here!

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