Jeremy Wortsman is the founder of one of the most prolific and well-respected creative agencies in Melbourne, The Jacky Winter Group. He is also the director of Collingwood art gallery Lamington Drive. Originally from the US, he found a creative home in Melbourne and founded Jacky Winter in 2007. Since then, the agency has grown to represent over 100 artists, animators, illustrators and photographers working on all kinds of projects. Some of these collaborations happen locally and others internationally, proudly broadcasting Melbourne's creative spirit across the world!

On top of all this, he finds time to host the Melbourne chapter of Creative Mornings. We spoke to Jeremy about how he got involved and how to make people get out of bed early on a Friday morning. (Hint, it's not just the free coffee and breakfast!)

How did you get involved with Creative Mornings (CM)?

A little over three years ago, Creative Mornings was only a handful of chapters, and I had been following Tina's (Swiss Miss) work for a while, so when I saw they had a call out specifically for new organisers for Australia, I immediately put my hand up and filmed a video application. At the time, we were still located at The Compound Interest in Collingwood, a 1000sqm warehouse, so it was a great use of the space and a great location, so it was a perfect fit!

What does CM bring to the Melbourne creative scene?

Since CM expanded to over a hundred global chapters, it's an amazing way to really get your fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the creative world on a truly global level. To be able to both showcase Melbourne's talents to the world, as well as be a small part of this collective consciousness I feel continues to put Melbourne on the map as one of the creative hubs in the region and in the world.

After seeing many talks, what are the elements that makes a CM event stand out?

It's a delicate mix of so many factors, but the biggest one is really the audience. Because we try to engage speakers from a variety of creative disciplines, we often get an equally diverse crowd who know that no matter what CM they come to, they will get something out of it. That feeling when 150 people are really locked into a speaker and listening closely is really special and unlike any other event that I have been to!

Which sessions have been your favourite and what did they teach you?

There's too many to count really! One stand out however was the artist Adele Varcoe, who cleared the room of all the chairs and forced everyone to stare at someones face for around five minutes. It was amazing how uncomfortable it made everyone - the actual human contact! It taught me that it's important to ensure that we keep doing events like this to bring people together.

Have you made any special connections with people from hosting these events?

All our volunteers over the years have been amazing people to know, and I think the CM network has opened up so many opportunities for all of them over the years. Not to mention the amazing folks at Donkey Wheel House! It's such a special space with a really admirable initiative that we are so proud to be a small part of.

Creative Mornings occurs once a month at Donkey Wheel House. Keep an eye out on their social media for the next speaker!

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