DO IT IN A DRESS - In October!

What: Do It In A Dress

Where: Everywhere

When: October 2015 Campaign Get Involved: Here

Spring is a great time of year to start getting some sun on your skin and start wearing dresses. The best kind of dress you can wear this October is a school dress and help educate girls across Africa. To find out more, we spoke to Larissa from Do It In A Dress.

What is Do It In a Dress?

Do It In A Dress is One Girl's annual fundraising campaign - it's a chance to do a fun activity in a school dress, raise funds, and help educate girls across Africa! You can do anything you like in a dress, it can be as extreme as skydiving, or as every day as doing the shopping, or rocking up to work in a dress. Every $300 you raise is enough to educate a girl for an entire year!

What was your inspiration?

It started a few years ago when one of our friends decided to run the Melbourne Marathon to raise money for us, and someone dared him to do it while wearing a school dress - to tie into the fact that he was raising money so that girls in Sierra Leone could wear a school dress too. The idea took off and people literally started THROWING money at him (and dared him to shave his legs, and wear a wig too..) - and we realised there was something in it. We made it so you could pick any challenge, as long as it was in a school dress, and created a fun way for people to make a difference, which has since become a global movement!

Who benefits from Do It In a Dress?

The funds raised through Do It In A Dress go towards One Girl's four girl-focused projects: scholarships, School Awesomisation (building new schools), Business Brains training, and Launchpad - which gives women and girls access to sanitary pads. We've reached about 5,000 women and girls across Sierra Leone this year, and the funds raised will also help us expand our project into Uganda for the first time, which is really exciting!

What are you hoping to achieve this year?

We want to see as many people get involved in Do It In A Dress and we're hoping to raise $400,000. Through these funds we're hoping to reach 20,000 women and girls with education across Sierra Leone and Uganda - so it's a big leap up, and we need your help to do it!

How can people get involved?

Sign up at! Create a team and see who you can get to join you - whether it's your colleagues at work, your local footy/netball/soccer club, your gym or Crossfit club, your local cafe, or your friends and family! Pick any challenge or activity to do in a dress, and for every $300 you raise know that you're changing the life of at least one girl!

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