HOLLY GRAHAM - The Social Workshop

What: The Social Workshop - Nourish Your Instagram

Where: Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne When: Saturday September 12 Tickets: Here

Holly Graham is a special member of the Donkey Wheel House community. Her persistence and creativity has guided her from a volunteer position at Kinfolk cafe to starting her own photography and design business. She is now returning to present all that she has learned in a special event called The Social Workshop. In the workshop, she will share her expertise and teach you how to nourish your small business through beautiful imagery and creative content.

Holly's story begins with her first, terrifying, shift at Kinfolk cafe. She remembers it as if it was just yesterday. She happened to be the only volunteer on the day, and although she didn't have much experience in hospitality, she kept a cool head and stepped up to the challenge. "I was terrfied! Apart from a short stint in a bar when I was freshly 18 - it was kindly suggested by the owner that perhaps retail was more my thing - and a disaster of a barista trial in a Gold Coast cafe at 21, I had NO experience in hospitality" she said.

Her persistence paid off. "A few dropped plates and wrong orders later, I found myself in a managerial role."

"I guess the one thing that seems the most prevalent is less of a skill and more an ongoing practice of self-confidence"

She says she learnt so much during her journey, but some things were more instrumental than others. "I guess the one thing that seems the most prevalent is less of a skill and more an ongoing practice of self-confidence. Kinfolk and all the people within the extended DWH community, allowed me to show up and feel like I was meant to be there. That acceptance and the feeling it gave me, has really helped me set some ground rules for the way I do life. I want nothing short of that, in everything I do…and I feel like I am exactly where I am meant to be."

"I feel like I am exactly where I am meant to be"

Four years have passed since the first chapter of her Kinfolk story. She says she is constantly inspired by the community. "I still get a feeling of wonderment when I walk through the Donkey Wheel House doors. It is almost impossible to have a bad day within those walls. I swear the air is different in there - it’s laced with such a rich energy from all the incredible people and projects it houses, you are left with no option but walk out feeling a little more empowered and elated than when you walked in."

The people she met during this time were able to give her the direction and confidence to find her voice and move into exciting territory. She says, "I honestly believe that without being involved in the DWH community and more personally, having Jarrod Briffa’s support and mentorship, I wouldn’t have the same determination that I do or ability to ‘just go for it’."

She is now running her own photography and graphic design business, Seven Is Yellow, working predominantly with small startups and passionate individuals, to help them create the perfect identity for their business through branding and imagery. This all started in much the same way as her journey at Kinfolk - with only a little experience. She now has a strong client base and the confidence she needs to keep it growing.

"I now have a strong client base and the confidence I need to keep it growing"

Her vision is getting clearer all the time, and she is ready to share her experience and help others. "I am constantly meeting passionate people and feeling inspired by them. I guess that is what is really important; letting people know how much impact they have when they share their story. Some of the most interesting people I know are still trying to find ways in which they can incorporate their adoration for something into their everyday - whether it be work, a project or a way of living."

Her advice for someone who is still finding their voice and building their business is to take your time, keep going and don't be afraid to ask questions of people you admire. "You can take a leap or slow dance in a certain direction, just keep going and don’t be afraid to reach out to those people who inspire you and ask them questions - plenty of them!"

Holly will be sharing her creativity, expertise and confidence at Donkey Wheel House on Saturday September 12.

Book your tickets now because this session will sell out.

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