What: Culture Mapping Masterclass with Dave Gray Where: Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne When: Thursday September 3 Tickets: here Giveaway: If you think your business would benefit from this masterclass, tell us why via Twitter and we will give the best answer 50% off the ticket price. An organisation can overcome any problem with the right culture. We spoke to the team at Wildwon who are hosting Dave Gray in Australia about how to map an organisation's culture and implement change. Here's what we learned.

It is important to look at culture at every single stage of your business’ development. The only difference is that you will be looking at culture from a different perspective. New businesses will need to think about what kind of culture they want to develop. More established businesses will need to closely observe the current culture and figure out how they will be able to steer it in the right direction.

After mapping out where you want to go, the fun part is figuring out how you will be able to use culture to get you there. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker The masterclass will help you to understand how both culture and strategy interact within your business. Before the day of the class, participants will be asked to provide some background about themselves so that the facilitators can tailor the masterclass to their needs.

During the masterclass, Dave Gray and his co-facillitator Michael Eales will guide each attendee through the culture mapping process.

Over tea and coffee, everyone will fill out a culture map of their business. This is a very hands-on workshopping process where everyone in the room will participate.

Attendees will learn the elements of the map in the context of their company and then share their findings.

Later in the day, Dave Gray will use two companies as examples of how he would implement his culture mapping strategy. Dave Gray is visiting Australia in 2015 and will be holding three one-day Culture Mapping Masterclasses in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne hosted by Business Models Inc and presented by Wildwon.

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