WARMING UP THE STREETS - Progressive Laneway Dinner

What: Progressive Laneway Dinner

Where: Starting on McKillop Street and ending in Baptist Place

When: Saturday August 1st

Tickets: from $65 and you can choose to add a donation

Urban Seed, Kinfolk and STREAT have joined forces to present a three course dinner to raise money for homelessness in the coldest month of the year.

These three organisations tackle homelessness all year round, but now they have come together in the most critical time of the year. This is an immediate way for you to help those who are lacking shelter.

The dining experience will begin with an entrée in an alleyway adjoining STREAT Cafe. Diners will then progress to the main dish which will be prepared and served by the wonderful team at Kinfolk. In the final alleyway, the desert will be served by Credo Café.

A guide will show diners the way through the alleyways, sharing their stories of living on the streets. The eye-opening storytelling will let you into the secret life of the well-loved alleyways when the shoppers have gone home and the temperatures drop.

We spoke to one of the organisers of the event, Ellie:

Why are you holding the event at this time of year?

Melbourne’s coldest month is July and that makes it a great time to focus on being a good neighbour, especially to the disadvantaged amongst us. That’s why July is Good Neighbour Month. The dinner is a celebration of the conclusion of Good Neighbour Month. STREAT, Kinfolk and Urban Seed are all Good Neighbours, taking responsibility for the less fortunate amongst us through their daily work. The dinner hopes to also create awareness and call for support for all their good work.

Who will guide the diners through the alleyways on the night?

Members from the Urbanseed Crew. Urban Seed offers walks to schools, community groups and corporates (part of what we do on a day-to-day basis). These walks offer an insight into homelessness, marginalisation and street culture that is engaging and experiential. We share anecdotes and stories that bring urban issues alive for people on the walks. Our educational walks and workshops help break down stereotypes, introduce participants to wider cultural issues and promote consideration of the risks associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

How will people living on the streets benefit from the money raised during this event?

For over 20 years Urban Seed has been gathering around food, recreation and creative art to foster a sense of home – especially for those of us experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental illness and isolation. This gathering is the foundation of our unique community development approach, where we seek to draw out the gifts, skills and potential of all involved.

The funds raised from this event will not only allow UrbanSeed to continue its work, but will be dedicated to Blanket Runs and Outreach. Through Blanket Run and other outreach activities, we connect with members of the homeless community who may not otherwise come to Credo Café. Armed with blankets, food and flasks of coffee, we meet and chat with people in need of some physical and human warmth. In this way we connect with people experiencing marginalisation and invite them into a relational space in which they can belong.

Tickets are selling fast! Get yours here.

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