UNLEARNING - The School of Life

What: TSOL Live: Unlearning

Where: The School of Life, 669 Bourke Street Melbourne

When: Tuesday August 4

Tickets: $35 or $30 conc.

The School of Life wants you to unlearn everything you know about education, sex and suburbia through the lens of neuroscience.

Chuck out the habits and old wives tales you have accumulated and allow these smart people to lead you to think a little differently about topics you thought you knew.

These experts will break down your ideas about these important topics and then build up new, stronger and better ones.

If this all sounds a bit scary, don’t worry, you will be in safe hands with this stella lineup.

Emma Burrows, a neuroscientist who has recently returned from the UK, will prepare you for unlearning. Then, celebrated author John Marsden will question the education system. Cyndi Darnell will help you unlearn what you thought you knew about sex. Finally, the Director City Design from the City of Melbourne, Rob Adams will help you through a new way of thinking about suburbia.

Guiding you through the night will be comedian and author Lawrence Leung.

We spoke to TSOL director, Kaj Lofgren about the event.

Why would someone want to unlearn what they know about these topics?

We are constantly (both consciously and unconsciously) bombarded with information from the day we enter the world. This helps to form our opinions, perspectives and general view of the world. We feel it is very useful to step back from some of the seemingly obvious parts of life (education, sex, housing etc), the things we probably all have opinions on, and challenge some of our assumptions. We may find that the world can appear very differently when we proactively “unlearn".

How have you selected the speakers?

We were looking for experts in their fields who are open to challenging long held assumptions. We were looking for people who are breaking new ground but are also deeply familiar with the traditions and long-held perceptions in their fields of work. John Marsden, Emma Burrows, Cindi Darnell and Rob Adams fit this description perfectly! And Lawrence Leung will weave each theme into one another, creating an informative and hilarious backdrop to the event.

What are you looking forward to unlearning?

Personally I’m passionate about lifelong education in all its forms. John Marsden is not only a brilliant writer for young adults, he is also a pioneer in alternative education. I can’t wait to hear him speak on Unlearning Education.

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