BOUNCING IDEAS - Trampoline Day

What: Trampoline Day

Where: Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke St Melbourne

When: The next session is 10am - 4pm August 1st

Tickets: Pay as you feel!

Trampoline is a self-organising event for those who find the world interesting, have something to offer and share, and have an inquisitive mind.

It is a space where you ask plenty of questions and where any idea is valid. It’s about self-improvement and making connections. According to Elise Bialylew, founder of Mindful in May, the event is about “exploration rather than information.”

Trampoline draws out the knowledge and passion of the unique community attending to create a line-up of inspiring stories, presentations and conversations.

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Participants arrived at Donkey Wheel House on a wintery weekend morning. They began by becoming familiar with the spaces upstairs and by popping down for a coffee and a chat at Kinfolk Cafe.

Upstairs in the event spaces, the day’s enormous, handmade schedule is clear, waiting for eager speakers to allocate themselves. Once the schedule is filled, the attendees are ready to clamber upstairs to participate in an ideas stock exchange; a wild occasion of presenters, prepared or impromptu, expert or novice, jumping on the soapbox to woo the audience with their 30 minute topic.   

You can’t be in two places at once so attendees are sometimes forced to choose between topics. The upside is that they can move freely amongst the sessions scattered throughout the building.  It must be stressed, as it is an 'unconference', that you need not be an expert and the possibilities are endless for what form the presentation takes.

Attendees were still furiously writing notes on their ipads and notebooks by the end of the event. Some are even preparing articles inspired by the discussions of the day. Sandra Arico went on to write a wonderful essay, Integrating the Self.

Trampoline loves to see  post-event engagement, so head over to facebook or twitter to continue the conversation.

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