What: The Healing Forum

Where: Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke Street Melbourne

When: Join the mailing list to find out

Tickets: From $45

The Healing Forum is a unique wellness event all about health, well-being and healing with the aim of empowering you to create a happy, healthy, soul-driven life. The brainchild of Melbourne Integrative General Practitioner, Dr Fiona Enkelmann, The Healing Forum is a unique event dedicated to exploring all things body-mind-spirit. It’s about creating a heart-centered, collaborative community of like-minded souls, where ideas are shared and ah-ha moments prevail. It’s about inspiring and empowering people on their journey to an amazing soul driven life.

Last Sunday, Healing Forum attendees gathered for the second event hosted at Donkey Wheel House. With topics as wide ranging as esoteric acupuncture to exploring the importance of gut health. There is something inspiring about everyday people and experts coming together to share their stories of healing - the smiles on their faces at the end of the day summed up perfectly the power and lightness of having a community to share your story with.

The Healing Forum is for anyone of any age who is curious about how they can make life more joyful and purposeful; for people who want to connect with like minded souls and spend a day feeling empowered and inspired.

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