PARTY IN FIVE - Nepal Fundraiser

We raised $14,126 towards HDFA. We fed 220 people.

What started out as an idea between two people ended up as a dinner for two hundred!

Richard Seymour from Mount Zero Olives and Jarrod Briffa from Kinfolk and Donkey Wheel House Events had no idea how to respond to the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal, however, immediate action meant that HDFA had funds to work with for communities in Nepal. It is incredible what is possible in only five days when people from many different communities combine their efforts and skills.

"There is a direct association (to the earthquake) through one of my employees here and I felt quite moved and felt I needed to do something." Richard shared. The primary goal was to raise funds but what Richard, "...found equally as moving, if not more so was just the way Jarrod grabbed it with both hands."

“The evening was a classic example of what we can achieve when we do what we love for what is important to us as a community…” Jarrod Briffa.

Richard went on to say, "It was wonderful to work in your building and utilise the space upstairs and work with the team at Kinfolk and with Jarrod and his never-say-die-attitude of pulling it together in a week and then everyone, from the volunteers from Kinfolk that made the event so seamless, to the chefs that volunteered, to the guests..." who put forward, "...up to a $100 and they did it without blinking in support of the program. It was no mean feat when you're feeding two hundred people with no notice."

All in all lots of, "...emotion and goodwill in the room." Concludes Richard.

See where the funds are directly supporting the victims of the Nepal earthquake through the HDFA Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund Update.

It’s also not too late to donate!

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