REDEFINING SUCCESS - B Ready Program Launch

Donkey Wheel House Events spoke to Kim Shore, from Clearpoint Counsel. The conversation covers the essential questions of the B Corporation movement in relation to the B Ready Program Launch.

DWHE: What happened at the launch of the national B Ready Program run by Clearpoint Counsel?

Kim Shore: A quality and intimate group made up of forty people. The significant line of speakers presented on Clearpoint Counsel in this very important phase for our organisation in relation to the B Ready program itself.

DWHE: Who spoke?

KS: Joel Cranshaw on Clearpoint Counsel's recently established Clear Lab, the department of innovative, legal and better business training programs; Matt Fitzgerald, from B Lab, spoke about the B Corp movement and gave his endorsement to the B Ready program; Anna Reeve hosted and presented the overview of the B Ready Program; Kim Shaw, a B ready facilitator; and Julie Gibson from Hipnet, Clearpoint Counsel's first B Corp client and Jamie Hughes from Kooks Wines, our most recent B Corp client, spoke about Clearpoint Counsel.

DWHE: What does the B Ready Program entail?

KS: B Ready programs enable companies to become purpose driven, adopt better business practises and policies, and readies them for B Corp Certification.

DWHE: Why is becoming B Corporation certified helpful for business?

KS: There is a global shift; employees are seeking to work in purpose-driven places, investors are wanting to invest in businesses that create social impact, consumers have a preference for socially and environmentally friendly companies over those that are not. The B Corp Certification Process is a holistic management tool that speaks to this global shift.

DWHE: Why follow through with the transition?

KS: This program is one of the only holistic rigorous assessment tools that allows for people to see that the business has passed the minimum threshold, reducing environmental and social harm and delivering benefits to society. It’s a global movement with over thirteen hundred B Corporations around the world all acting with integrity and redefining success in business.

The next course will be held on June 3.

Check out Clearpoint Counsel for more details.

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