$283,665.90! And there's still time to donate...

Last month, 'MIMsters' (including us Donkey Wheel House Events folk) registered for the ten minute daily mindfulness meditation challenge, simultaneously donating or getting sponsored. Each year these funds are focused on different areas in need (previously Ethiopia, Rwanda, Malawi), through Charity Water. Now completing its fourth year, Mindful in May have focused their efforts primarily on Uganda, where one in nine people don't have access to clean water.

$20,000 is enough to fund one water project and $35 brings one person clean water for life.

This means, that Mindful in May participants, have now raised enough funds to see thirteen communities gain access to clean drinking water, reaching over 7,300 people.

We are so proud of our good friend and founder of Mindful In May, Dr Elise Bialylew, for coming up with such an extraordinarily powerful concept. Not only is a this a platform for us to help provide clean water to the developing world but a clear mind for ourselves.

If you missed out on the opportunity to participate in Mindful in May, there are still ways to donate and learn about mindfulness. Check out the Mindful Month E-Book, which comes with audio guided meditations. You can also learn about the benefits of mindfulness meditation by reading Shannon Harvey's healing journey.

How can my business benefit from mindfulness meditation?

Read about Bialylew's beginning as an entrepreneur and listen to some of the leading global experts, including the team captain Van Riper from Google, talk about mindfulness and Mindful in May on ABC Radio.

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