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Launched in 2010, KINFOLK is one of the first social enterprise cafes to deliver social impact with a serve of Melbourne's iconic hospitality. Later, a sibling was born later with the launch of SIBLING in northern Carlton. 

At the heart of our kitchen is a celebration of LOCAL FOOD & GOOD PRODUCE. We source locally, including speciality coffee by the good people of Small Batch, and celebrate community with our unique volunteer training program - where individuals of all walks in life come to learn new skills & create connection. We believe in EATING WELL, FOR GOOD

2021 UPDATE : 

  • KINFOLK is currently closed in light of covid.

  • SIBLING still trades seven days a week. 

  • Our EVENT SPACES are open

  • The KINFOLK VAN is busy delivering catering all over Melbourne

  • and FOOD RELIEF to vulnerable Victorians

  • alongside GIFTS for colleagues, clients, friends & family. 

Read more on the social impact Kinfolk is creating HERE. 

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