February 28, 2018


Eggs: 8

Parmesan rinds: up to 140g

Kale: ½ bunch

Kale stems

Dandelion green: ½  cup

Sow Thistle: ½ cup

Mt.Zero olives (pitted): ½ cup

Full cream milk: ¼ cup

Salt and pepper to taste


1: Heat your oven to 180C

2: Wash kale, kale stems, dandelion green, and s...

February 22, 2018

Did you know that all parts of the pumpkin are not only edible but totally delicious? 

Kinfolk Head Chef, Hiro Okada, created this zero-waste recipe using locally gown and gleaned produce for the Great Local Lunch as part of the Sustainable Living Festival.


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